Project Info and Pricing Tab

The Pricing Tab in Project Info is where you can make several different types of adjustments to project budgets.

You can navigate directly to Project Info from the Projects page by clicking on the Project Name in the project row.

In addition, you can also navigate to this section from the Budget or Designer page. In the upper left corner of either screen, to the right of "SlatePlan", you'll see the name of the current project and a drop down arrow. Click on the name, and you'll see several options, including Project Info. Click on Project Info and you'll see a pop up window with several tabs, very similar to the window you started with when you first created this project.

Click on the "Pricing" tab. You'll see two sections. The “Budget View” section is where you can change from a single Fixed number to a Budget Range, and also where you can adjust the low/high budget range for the project.  The “Summary” section is where you can make global adjustments to the pricing for the project, by increasing or decreasing the margin of materials and/or labor.   

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