What is Slateplan?

Slateplan is software for salespeople in the construction and retail industries.  

Slateplan software helps salespeople collaborate with their customers, develop project scope and budget in real time, show customers what they should be spending, and move to the next step in the sales process.  Often all in the very first meeting.  

Slateplan is most often used by salespeople in the residential and commercial construction industry.  Primarily salespeople that sell retail products to the end user, products that can include home technology, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and any other product that can be delivered to a jobsite.

Through Slateplan’s online visual interface, a salesperson places symbolic icons on their customer’s floorplans, helping everyone understand what kinds of products are being selected, where the products will be placed in the home or office.

Adding or removing an icon drives the “all in” budget for the project.  For example, placing a TV icon in the Living Room can add the all in budget for not only the TV, but also for the mounting bracket, universal remote, wiring, labor, tax, etc.  

Slateplan software also provides customers with budget context, helping them understand how their budget compares with “normal” budgets for similar products or systems in similarly sized projects.  For example, a customer might not necessarily understand that $150,000 is a typical budget for the home technology in a 3,000 ft2 home.  However, the software illustrates that this budget, which equates to about $50/ft2, is right in the middle of what other customers typically spend.  This information helps customers get more comfortable with their budget.


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